Masonry Blocks

  • Austral Masonry

    Austral Masonry

    Concrete masonry blocks have long been the work-horse of the construction industry. Austral Masonry blocks come in a range of colours, styles and finishes to suit any building project.

Concrete & Clay Pavers

  • Adbri Masonry

    Adbri Masonry

    From small, budget brick pavers to large format, premium quality concrete pavement and stone alternatives, Adbri Masonry has a pavement solution for your next paving project.
  • Austral Pavers

    Austral Pavers

    Robust, striking and extremely versatile, our pavers are an essential element of any landscaping design, guaranteed to inject effortless style into your outdoor projects
  • Claypave


    Claypave has a unique manufacturing process that first extrudes the billet, but then represses it in custom built machines giving a paver that is accurate in both size and shape. It also allows us to provide the smallest spacer lug on any paver on the market.
  • Custom Paving

    Custom Paving

    Custom Paving / Custom Stone are leading manufacturers of quality hand-made concrete pavers and landscaping products in Australia for 25 years. Closely replicating the characteristics of natural stone, Custom Paving provide a wide range of specialty products to compliment any landscaping project. Designed for both internal and external use, every piece is individually made with a variety of rich, earthy and contemporary colours that are blended all the way through.
  • Edenstone


    Only the best products are used to create Edenstone pavers. Edenstone will provide a sophisticated and stylish finish to any entertaining or pool area, or add functionality for pathways and driveways. The possibilities are endless. For consistency, longevity and a premium finish all textures and sizes are made to match. Colours are made using the same mix, though the use of natural sands and colours will occasionally produce slight variations.
  • National Masonry

    National Masonry

    National Masonry is affiliated with leading Australia building products suppliers that are well established and have a proven pedigree for excellence in service, quality, and innovation.

Retaining Walls

  • Adbri Masonry

    Adbri Masonry

    Concrete retaining wall blocks are easy to install and ideal for building soil retaining walls, reclaiming sloped land, reducing erosion and even creating feature garden walls, planter boxes and veggie patches. For your next DIY garden wall project, choose an Adbri Masonry retaining wall system.
  • Austral Masonry

    Austral Masonry

    Our versatile range of retaining wall blocks offer a mix of contemporary colours and textures to create inspired landscapes with impressive and lasting appeal.
  • National Masonry

    National Masonry

    The National Masonry story began with the acquisition of Boral Masonry’s Mackay operation in April 2012 and continues to grow with the acquisition of Boral Masonry’s South Queensland and Victorian operation in January 2013. National Masonry retains the heritage of expertise and industry credentials and combine these with the flexibility and innovative foresight of an independent privately owned company. Our customers will benefit from dealing with the same great people, same great products and services, and a new vision for the future.

Steel & Fibre Reinforced Concrete Pipes

  • Humes


    Humes is Australia's leading provider of engineered concrete solutions for the civil construction industry. We pride ourselves on delivering customised solutions to maximise installation, performance, and budgetary outcomes for our clients.
  • James Hardie Pipes

    James Hardie Pipes

    James Hardie™ Concrete Pipes is one of Australia’s leading providers of reinforced concrete pipes, fittings and drainage solutions to the civil construction sector.
  • RCPA


    Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia is a wholly Australian owned concrete pipe company originating from the merger of Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP) and Australasian Pipeline and Pre-Cast (APP). Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia is the only national supplier of Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe that is wholly Australian owned and we are enormously proud of that fact. RCPA is committed to the use of high tech machinery in all its operations and is a leader in cutting edge technology and innovation. Modern technology is used to produce concrete pipes to a new and higher standard, ensuring accuracy and durable characteristics.

Civil Supplies

  • Tellam Civil Products

    Tellam Civil Products

    Tellam Civil Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Precast Concrete Drainage and Sewer Systems to the civil, building, electrical and plumbing industries with three accessible locations on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Steel Reinforcing

  • Australian Reinforcing Company

    Australian Reinforcing Company

    The Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC) is one of Australia's leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel reinforcing and fencing products and services.
  • Lyndons


    Lyndons is a family owned business and has been operating in Queensland since the 1930’s. Mainly supplying builders and associated trades. Our stores are located in key convenient locations: Burleigh (Gold Coast), Salisbury & Windsor (Brisbane), Maroochydore, Gladstone, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns.

Bagged Cement etc.

  • Cement Australia

    Cement Australia

    Being the leading supplier of cement products and services in Australia, it is important we never lose sight of our customers, our people and our communities.

Coming Soon

Cannonvale Concrete Products will soon be supplying a full range of Masonry Tools.